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Have You Ever Wished that Your Temperature Transmitters Could Talk?

RTD and Thermocouple sensor failure can be costly for any process or operation.  Wouldn’t it be great if your temperature transmitter gave you early warning of impending sensor failure? 

Moore Industries THZ3, TDZ3 and STZ smart HART dual input temperature transmitters do just that. With built in Sensor Drift Detection and Sensor Corrosion Detection features, you can program these transmitters to alert you when your sensors are on the path to failure, providing analysis and early diagnosis capability typically available only with higher level asset managers or Big Data algorithms found in the Cloud. Built with the latest HART 7 revision and advanced dual sensor monitoring that includes backup or failover for sensor failure, these new temperature transmitters are more capable than ever. 

Bring the power of Cloud analytics to the field with Moore Industries latest smart HART temperature transmitters

THZ3/TDZ3 Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitters

The THZ3 and TDZ3 Dual Input Smart HART transmitters simplify your operations with two sensor inputs, and advanced features that give you far more control over your temperature measurements. Each sensor is individually selectable and programmable via HART or DTM.  Download a copy of the THZ3/TDZ3 Data Sheet or visit the THZ3 or TDZ3 Catalog pages.

STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitter

The dependable, accurate SIL3 capable STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitter gives you more control over your temperature measurement with advanced features and  dual sensor input that provides backup and failover protection in case of a sensor failure.  Download a copy of the STZ Data Sheet or visit the Catalog page.

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Dual Input HART Temperature Transmitters:
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