Rugged instrumentation for reliable measurement and control

HART and Functional Safety Go Together Like Wheels & Brakes

Keep your plant safe and intelligent by getting all the data you can from your smart HART instruments. Moore Industries products are designed to wheel that critical process and diagnostic data to your monitoring, control and safety systems so they can put on the brakes when problems arise in your process.

STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitters

These SIL 3-capable smart HART® temperature transmitters are dependable and accurate devices for use in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) where dangerous processes occur. Part of the FS Functional Safety Series, the STZ was designed and built from the ground up to ensure conformance with strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications. The STZ offers a dual sensor input that reduces process interruptions. Backup and Fail-Over Protection allows either of the sensors or inputs to be designated as the primary measurement, with the secondary input acting as the backup sensor in case of primary sensor failure. 

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SSX/SST Functional Safety HART Isolators

Also members of our FS Functional Safety Series, the SIL 3-capable SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters, provide reliable isolation and signal conversion for HART® data in functionally safe process control settings. They protect safety systems by isolating an SIS from basic process control or monitoring systems so that disconnections or other failures don’t impact the safety system. The two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST were developed following the strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications and are certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2. 

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HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System

The rugged HES supports HART 5, 6 and 7 devices with sufficient memory to handle thousands of process variables, and diagnostic data points from up to 64 connected smart HART devices. The HES allows you to further leverage your industrial Ethernet investment by making all of this valuable HART data viewable with any web browser or MODBUS/TCP host. The HES also supports HART-IP, allowing any of the connected HART device variables, HES variables, or diagnostics to be monitored over Ethernet with a HART-IP compliant host.  

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